Dental for Schools

For Schools:

Is there a cost?

No, there is no cost to your school.

How are students collected from class? Do we need to assign an SSO?

We do not require any staff to assist us with collecting students. One of our capable staff will collect students from their class room to take them to their dental visit. You are still welcome to assign your own SSO. We generally start with lower years and work away up.

What administration can my school expect to complete?

We strive provide as minimal interruptions as possible and so our team manages all paperwork, printing, logistics and can field any parent enquiries. All your school has to do is hand out our consent forms and collect them again in our handy pre-packaged form envelopes.

Is there a minimum requirement to have the dental visit?

In order to meet demands we require a minimum of 15 students for a visit to be viable for your school.

Do you require a classroom or a space?

A mobile dental van/truck is fitted out similar to that of a dental practice, this is to make things convenient for your school as well as to meet our infection control requirements. Prior to the visit we will have organized a parking allocation that works with the space of the school. The mobile dental van/truck will require a local power point within 30 meters. No water required.

What clearances do DFS staff carry?

The Dental for Schools team travel with, DCSI clearances, Police checks, RAN certifications and Catholic clearances. This can also be provided prior to the visit.